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Updating Jixee with a commit

How to update jixee with a commit.

You can update tasks using version control. Jixee will automatically update a task with the appropriate version control data and change task properties as specified in your commit message.

Please Note: You must pass the unique Jixee ID with every commit message.

Basic Commit

A basic commit message will look like this:

jix-1032:this is my commit message

You can add advanced commit properties to a basic commit message:

jix-1032:this is my commit message [s:c]

Advanced Commit

An advanced commit message can contain man more properties than a basic commit:

[id:jix-1032] [m:this is my commit message] [s:o]

Commit Fields

Field Example Type
* id [id:jix-1003] string
m (message) [m:this is my commit message] string
title [title:Task 1 Update] string
status [status:o] (values can be o,i,c) string
type [type:Feature] string
priority [priority:Trivial] string
difficulty [difficulty:Easy] string
planned_start_date [planned_start_date:12/15/14] string (ISO 8601)
due_date [due_date:12/28/14] string (ISO 8601)
estimated_completion_time [estimated_completion_time:2400] number (seconds)
actual_completion_time [actual_completion_time:4800] number (seconds)
description [description:This is the description] string
tags [tags:tag1,tag2,tag3] string

indicates a required field

* Do not include brackets in any value. “[” and “]” characters can only be used for defining a commit message property. 


Github Issues

When committing a Github issue make sure to add a tag. Example: [project:jix] where the project tag contains the project prefix.